Interzum 2019

In the 2019th edition Diwar introduced three brand new kit chairs: Quartz, Tau, Yale.

The focus is on the backrest frame that can be provided with or without mesh. The backrest support is height adjustable and furthermore also the optional lumbar support is height adjustable to provide a plus of comfort to your chairs.



The Athena chair is a fully synchronized office chair, easy to adapt perfectly to people of all heights, sizes and postures, ensuring at the same time a correct
ergonomy. The special design of the back support gives the backrest a natural flexibility that allows follow the torsion of the user’s shoulders in everyday use.

Interzum 2017

At the Interzum 2017 Diwar presents three brand new chairs: Athena, Butterfly and Naxos Mesh. The components of the new chairs as well as the the old ones can now be assembled with weight-sensitive synchron mechanism and screwless fast fitting seat !



Jim wooden legs

Jim is exceptionally elegant, multipurpose seating that comes in a number of versions to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Design at its best is evident in the clear functionality and the variety of detail execution in both materials and structure.

The overall style is a one of essential lines, recalling classic industrial furniture aesthetics and is at its best in uncluttered, refined environments, whether home, hotel, club or restaurant. The clean-cut design of Jim continues throughout the range from upmarket to budget models.

The latest version with varnished natural beech wood legs is available with or without upholstered seat panel.

As well as being 100% recyclable, the polypropylene shell is available in a variety of colours.